The following are a selection of training courses and consultancy services that are available. Not all training services will be applicable to your organization. They can be selected on an as needed basis. All training programs are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of either the delegates or situation.

Training Services

1. Procedural Writing:

A one day course for up to eight delegates, aimed at providing each delegate with the ability to transfer their knowledge or investigations about a process into a uniform company procedure format. The course is suitable for both a novice or experienced technical writer. Methods for writing ISO 9000 compliant procedures should reflect the organization and the requirements of third party certification.

2. Internal Quality Auditing:

A two day Certificated course for up to eight delegates, which is recognized by Certification Bodies (Registrars) and meets the requirements of ISO 9001. This course will provide the knowledge and practical guidance required for delegates to competently and efficiently audit the quality system, report and implement corrective actions.

3. Quality Awareness:

This course is provided in two forms:

4. ISO 9000 Techniques:

Courses are also provided for up to eight delegates in each of the ISO 9000 requirements. The following is a list of courses for the key requirements:

a. Document and Data Control - 2 day
b. Design Control (includes ISO 9000-3 requirements) - 1 day
c. Training - 2 day
d Nonconformity, Corrective and Preventive Action - 2 day
e. Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment / Process Machinery - 2 day
f. Management Review - 2 day
g. Quality Improvement through ISO 9000 - 1 day

5. Assessor/Lead Assessor Course:

Registered with the RAB & IRCA, this four 2 day course meets the training requirements to become a registered Lead Assessor and provides an in-depth understanding of the requirements of ISO 9000; six to twelve Delegates