Consultancy Services

1. Documentation Challenge:

Challenges quality policy, procedures and work instructions in order to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, including continuity and continuity with the company policy on procedure writing.

2. Evaluation:

Assistance in the evaluation of departmental processes in order to draft operating procedures and work instructions

3. Documentation Writing:

To draft quality policy and operating procedures for each department as required

4. Implementation of Systems:

Assistance in the implementation of the quality system, including the provision of solutions, techniques and guidance to enable the most effective and efficient implementation methods

5. Registrar Selection:

Assistance in the selection of a suitable Registrar (Certification Body), which may include the preparation of questionnaires, tri-partite meetings and joint proposals to the board to ensure that all buying parameters are evaluated

6. Compliance Audit:

Conduct a full compliance audit to ensure that all practices are demonstrating compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and The Company. The resulting audit report shall detail all nonconformities (and observations) and proposed corrective actions with responsibilities and time frames for completing the corrective actions in order to meet the registration schedule.