Company Profile

ISOQual International, a Massachusetts corporation founded in 1994, is a US- British joint venture brought together to provide American business the advantages of the ISO 9000 Quality System Management framework with unique and proven methods of consultancy and training. We have brought the expertise and experience of Kite Systems International Limited to the US through ISOQual by using a combination of a select group of American Quality Professionals and Kite Systems personnel.

ISOQual International Corporation


Established in 1992, Norwood Consulting Group provides the very highest level of consultancy and training in techniques of quality management such as Total Quality, Statistical Process Control and ISO 9000.

For over 20 years Gerard Antonellis, owner of the Norwood Consulting Group and President of ISOQual International Corporation, has introduced these techniques into many different organizations. He expresses his views on the amalgamation of his company and Kite Systems, "Although our expertise in introducing ISO 9000 into companies has proven successful to date, the method of consultancy that Kite offers in the UK and Europe has managed to reduce the time required, both on consultancy and on the participating company, while retaining a first time pass rate of 100% that is not to be found in the US before now".

"Companies will be able to achieve ISO 9000 within months and not years, at a far less cost than they might have thought possible." Gerard continued, "These are facts that have been proved hundreds of times; this must be an enormous advantage for American companies in today's competitive market place."

Kite Systems International Limited

Since 1989 Kite Systems International LTD., registered to ISO 9001, has established the highest reputation within the field of quality systems. They have successfully implemented this sought after international standard into hundreds of companies from all types of businesses.

Clients come in all shapes and sizes, sole proprietor to multiple-site companies, have used and benefited from the straight forward, no nonsense consultancy approach.

Grant Read, Director and an original founder of Kite Systems explains, "Kite has now helped in excess of 300 Companies implement ISO 9000 with over 200 of them registered so far. We have been constantly developing our methods with two clear goals in mind: to make ISO 9000 affordable and achievable for every organization and to ensure that there are no (or very little) problems on registration."

These goals have been fundamental to Kite's success in Europe and now these methods are made available in the US through ISOQual. Our methods are practiced by fully qualified consultants who are continually trained to ensure a consistently high level of service.


The following are just a few of the advantages ISOQual International provides to its clients:

To maintain the high level of customer satisfaction and service, ISOQual has adopted proven consultancy practices of:

In fact, the program that we deliver, and have been delivering so successfully for over 5 years, has unique advantages that mean savings for our clients, in terms of both time and money.

In the following graph, are three examples of methods that an organization can use to implement ISO 9000. Client's time, is shown in terms of dollars and the cost of using professional help. Examples are based on calculations that our clients have used and are FACT.

Our methods are PROVEN. They work and they have done so hundreds of times. We offer professional training to enhance a Quality System, developed with A hands on consultancy. We believe in developing YOUR Quality System to comply with ISO 9000; we do NOT train you to change your whole way of working to meet the standard.